New Low Loss Laminate Material for RF/Microwave Applications

Shengyi Technology (SYTECH) has announced the availability of AeroWave. A high reliability, cost-effective material system for automotive radars (at 24 GHz.), base station transceivers, power amplifiers, telemetry devices and antenna systems.

AeroWave is a woven glass-reinforced thermoset UL-94 V0 material that exhibits excellent electrical and mechanical properties with a consistent and stable Dk (dielectric constant) and a low Df (dissipation factor) over a wide range of frequencies from 1 GHz to 35 GHz and temperatures from -40C° to +125C°.

The rapid development and deployment of RF/Microwave products mandates that there be a large number and variety of vendors that can provide superior materials systems to the market place in a cost-effective and timely manner. SYTECH believe that their new AeroWave technology readily addresses this need.

The AeroWave low-loss laminate material presents a strong value proposition for today’s design engineers where cost, performance and manufacturability are paramount. The materials can be fabricated using standard FR-4 printed circuitry fabrication processes, are well suited for use in hybrid multi-layer printed circuit configurations and are compatible for use in Lead Free assembly processes.

This low loss (0.0028 @ 10 GHz) controlled dielectric constant material (+/- 0.05) is available in a broad range of nominal cores and pre-preg. In addition, this new material exhibits exceptional dimensional stability, chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and copper peel strength. Passive Inter-modulation (PIM) performance values for this material exceeds -160 dBc (RTF and VLP type copper foils). This laminate is available now as AeroWave-300, AeroWave-338 and AeroWave-350.