World's First Qi-certified 15 W Wireless Power Transmitter System

Toshiba announced that a wireless power transmitter system using their TC7718FTG,15 W wireless power transmitter IC has been certified as Qi v1.2 EPP (Extended Power Profile) compliant by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The system adopts MP-A2 (A wireless power transmitter system defined by WPC that uses a 12 V single coil.), which allows for simple system configuration, and is the industry’s first Qi-certified MP-A2 transmitter system.

Connected to a microcontroller, the TC7718FTG realizes a wireless power transmitter system compliant with Qi standard. It has been developed on Toshiba’s original cutting-edge CD-0.13 process which enables the device to have a high efficiency and a small package, allowing for easy system integration. A 15 W wireless transmitter formed with this new IC will recharges devices quickly, at a rate equal to or shorter than wired chargers. The IC is suitable for use in wide range of applications including smartphones, tablets, and industrial devices.

A wireless power transmitter system using the TC7718FTG is compatible with a 5 W receiver system using Toshiba's 5 W receiver IC TC7764WBG, and a 10 W receiver system using its 10 W receiver IC TC7765WBG, both of which are currently in mass production. It can also be used with a 15 W receiver IC, the TC7766WBG which has been already certified as the Qi v1.2 EPP compliant.

Toshiba claims to be the first company to provide Qi v1.2 EPP-certified products for both 15 W wireless power transmitters and receivers.

Main Features of the TC7718FTG

  • WPC Qi v1.2 compliant (in combination with a microcontroller)
  • Full-bridge gate driver (also compatible with half-bridge): 1ch
  • Built in Low Pass Filter for recovery of ASK signal
  • Built in LDO (3.3V output)

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  • Country: United States
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