15 Watt Wireless Charging Solution for Automotive Industry

NXP Semiconductors has introduced an innovative 15 W wireless charging solution, qualified to meet stringent automotive and industrial grade requirements. Compatible with WPC Qi and PMA charging standards, this complete solution allows automakers to easily transition from 5 W to 15 W capabilities, giving drivers a faster in-vehicle charging experience for mobile phones, tablets and wearables.

The new WCT-15WTXAUTO solution increases charging speed by up to 3x and is AEC-Q100 Grade 2 certified, with an extended temperature range and a 15 year product longevity guarantee. To improve driver experience and vehicle safety, the new 15 W solution includes multi-coil technology to enable wide spatial freedom - flexibility of device alignment on the charging surface and built-in Near Field Communications (NFC) integration.

Wireless charging is now pervading the mobile devices market, and is expanding well beyond traditional consumer charging mats to include in-vehicle charging. The automotive environment brings specific challenges to this application and NXP's solution offers a versatile platform for designers to address these challenges.

Complete solution for fast time to market

NXP has simplified the development and certification process for customers by delivering a robust solution that helps speed their time to market, saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars in development and certification costs and allows them to focus on innovation and usability. The WCT-15WTXAUTO solution comes with WPC Qi and PMA dual mode support and includes a cost optimized, production ready hardware design. The proven firmware core manages the power transfer aspects as well as free positioning and delivers robust foreign object detection capabilities. The solution is tailored to operate within stringent in-vehicle operating conditions, designed to avoid potential interference with other vehicle systems such as key FOB for keyless entry, ignition and AM band radios. The API supports seamless integration of NFC chipsets to detect and protect contactless smart cards, CAN bus support for in-vehicle network communication and is customizable for charging, communication and control.

The GUI (Graphical user interface) tool allows for quickly configuring and optimizing the wireless charging transmitter solutions. Professional support and services from NXP are also available upon request.

The WCT-15WTXAUTO is based on the MWCT101xA controller and is sampling now, with both hardware and software. The MWCT101xA controllers are full qualified and available for orders now as well.