New GaN Process Enables Higher-Performance, GaN Discrete LNAs and Drivers

Qorvo has introduced a new family of gallium nitride (GaN) transistor dies for high frequency and low noise performance. ideal for advanced applications in communications, radar and defense RF systems. The family includes six new GaN transistors manufactured using Qorvo’s unique 0.15um GaN on silicon carbide (SiC) process - QGaN15 - and their associated models. The QGaN15 process enables these transistors to offer high frequency operation of up to 25 GHz.

Qorvo has worked with Modelithics, Inc to develop Linear, non-linear, and noise models for these devices, enabling rapid, accurate performance testing. The models offer features such as scaling of operating voltage, ambient temperature and self-heating effects, as well as intrinsic voltage/current node access for waveform optimization.

The table below outlines specifications for the QGaN15 products.

The five products introduced by Qorvo can be seen on everything RF: TGF2933, TGF2934, TGF2935, TGF2936, TGF2941 and TGF2942.


  • Country: United States
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