Semtech Introduces Wireless Power Evaluation Kits for Wearable Applications

Semtech has announced that they are shipping two new evaluation modules (EVMs) - TSWITX-G4-EVM and TSWIRX-5V2-EVM, for prototyping and developing wireless charging solutions for wearable applications. The Semtech TSWITX-G4-EVM is an evaluation platform for the test and experimentation of a wireless charging transmitter based on the Semtech TS80002 Wireless Power Transmitter Controller and TS51231 Driver. This evaluation module, in conjunction with its compatible receiver, the TSWIRX-5V2-EVM, provides a complete system design solution for low-power, wearable applications.

Easy-to-use wireless charging technology enhances the benefits and consumer experience of wearable devices. By introducing this compatible set of EVMs, companies can now evaluate Semtech's wireless power products, which feature power scalability, design flexibility, and can easily test and develop customized wearable applications in very small form factors.

The TSWITX-G4-EVM Evaluation Module is a ready-to-use demonstration platform allowing testing of 1.25 watt of wireless power transmission. The transmitter is coupled with its compatible receiver module, the Semtech TSWIRX-5V2-EVM, to form a complete wireless power transmission system.

The TSWIRX-5V2-EVM is a ready-to-use demonstration platform supporting 5 V output with up to 250 mA for low-power and small form factor wearable applications at an operating frequency of 1 MHz.

Applications for this Evaluation Kit Include:

  • Smart watches, Fitness bands and Jewelry
  • Hearing aids
  • Health monitors
  • Wireless portable keyboards
  • Toys


  • Country: United States
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