Densely Packed Receivers and Transmitters for Military Applications

DRS Technologies has announced the introduction of a new family of small, high-performance RF monitoring and detection receivers for the U.S. military, intelligence agencies, and general commercial spectrum monitoring applications. Vesper is a significant advancement in high-performance RF technology and dense channel packaging. Built with a modular approach in mind, Vesper can be configured with up to ten channels including receive and transmit capabilities. All channels cover the 2 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range and provide 100 MHz of digitized IF all in a 6U, 1-inch pitch, conduction-cooled, VPX 65-compliant module. Each channel can operate independently or phase coherently within a Vesper 6U VPX card, or in a system comprised of multiple Vesper cards, this allows for greater application possibilities.

The modular design offers users an advantage over proprietary solutions that hinder upgrades to a system over its lifecycle. The performance, density, scalability and open VPX technology greatly simplifies and extends a system’s capability. The low phase noise synthesizers have fast tuning and rapid phase settling. These features are ideal for geolocation systems performing direction finding or beam forming.

DRS’ Signal Solutions business unit claims that the Vesper system is a leader in this space for size, weight, power and performance, and with its high-signal fidelity and low spurious content, users can be confident they are detecting and analyzing genuine signals.