Sprint Selects DragonWave's Backhaul Solution to Densify its Network

DragonWave has announced that Sprint has selected their microwave backhaul equipment for network deployment as part of their densification and optimization strategy.

DragonWave's microwave backhaul solution was selected due to the combination of their dual channel capability and system gain, as well as their advanced network security capabilities. Their backhaul equipment will be used as part of Sprint's strategy to significantly densify its network through the deployment of small cells and other solutions, with the goal of further improving network performance and the customer experience. Densification enables Sprint to keep pace with the growing demand for data and provide customers with more capacity and faster data speeds in targeted high-traffic locations.

Microwave backhaul solutions can be a cost-efficient, reliable alternative to traditional approaches when used in the right ring structures. This is a key part of the extension of Sprint's overall toolkit as they work to provide customers with more consistent coverage, better reliability, and even faster data speeds.

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