EM Simulation Software Enables Import of Flexible PCB Designs

PCB-RemcomThe EM Simulation Software offered by Remcom now has the capability to import flexible printed circuit board (PCB) designs. The PCB import dialog in the latest update of the XFdtd® 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software includes the option to wrap a design, such as a flexible circuit, onto a form automatically during the import process. The wrap option conforms the PCB and all of its parts onto the flexible circuit geometry, eliminating the need to bend the model into the desired shape or manually wrap each layer.

This unique capability will tremendously streamline geometry setup for all their customers working with flexible circuits. They have eliminated what was a time consuming and error-prone process, replacing it with a simple, one-click import option that produces the simulation-ready design in one smooth step. This technology has the potential to transform the device design workflow for engineers in a wide variety of industries, including mobile devices, exercise monitors, automotive instrument panels, and more.

The new release also includes Dielectric Volume Averaging which increases simulation accuracy for simulations with high permittivity materials, such as ceramic chip antennas.


  • Country: United States
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