ART-Fi Introduces SAR System Validation Kit compatible with All SAR Measurement Systems


ART-Fi has introduced the Power Monitoring Kit (PMK) for SAR System Validation. The PMK is an optimized, fully automated solution designed to monitor SAR system dipole/antenna power for highly accurate SAR validation and verification. It solves some longstanding issues in SAR labs. This all-in-one, steady-state solution:

  • Greatly improves repeatability and precision
  • Has no moving parts and fewer equipment breakdowns
  • Optimized for automation and streamlined processes save days on validation
  • All-in-one solution with significant cost reduction
  • Reduces the need for training which saves time & costs

Many of ART-FI's compliance testing customers consistently complained about the resources required to perform a full SAR system validation. It became clear to them that system validation was the weakest link in the modern SAR lab. Compliance labs must perform system verification prior to SAR testing the wireless technologies a device supports. There is also a need to perform regular validation on their SAR systems depending on the lab’s environmental conditions. With the PMK, SAR labs are now able to perform repeatable SAR system verification and validation quickly and precisely. The PMK has a frequency range from 699 MHz to 6 GHz with low signal-noise, good amplifier gain, zero moving parts and the ability to continuously monitor dipoles and the antenna S11 parameter.

Once setup, the customer inputs the expected power and frequency and the PMK validates automatically. The consolidated approach and outstanding software control means the PMK can seamlessly integrate with and improve your current SAR validation and verification process.


With the PMK, customer get a feature-packed system for the right price while moving towards an automated solution. It features advanced technologies usually found on more expensive RF validation and verification system combinations. The system measures S11 parameters for dipoles and antennas while also monitoring linear behaviour, making it unique among existing solutions. It has an extendable one-year warranty. The integrated power meter is DAkkS Calibrated to meet IEEE/IEC/FCC SAR requirements. And the user interface is designed to be simple and effective.

Click here to learn more about this product and to see how it works. Download a Slideshow on the product.