An Out-of-Box-Ready to Install Wireless Charging System

Semtech Corporation has announced the immediate availability of LinkCharge CT (countertop), an out-of-box-ready infrastructure wireless charging system for use in public, enterprise and consumer settings. LinkCharge CT is the only 15 W medium power system that is currently compliant with the two major wireless charging industry standards, Wireless Power Consortium and AirFuel Alliance, and it is compatible with faster charging phones, allowing the broadest number of devices to quickly and wirelessly restore battery power.

McDonald’s, Starbucks, Marriott and Hilton already offer wireless charging in some locations, and further penetration of the technology in more public areas will intensify growth in the public infrastructure segment of the market. In fact, the one-millionth public infrastructure transmitter is forecast to ship this year and the market is expected to more than triple in the next two years, as more laptops and cell phones integrate these receivers in to them.

Providing access to wireless charging technology is a natural extension of connectivity services and the overall customer experience offered by major brands and public venues. LinkCharge CT was designed and manufactured to make it easy for these facilities to install, test, market and deploy wireless charging without making a significant upfront investment. The system is regulatory certified and is currently the only one to provide dual mode wireless charging standards compliance.

Semtech has simplified the deployment of this solution. The medium power (15-watt output) wireless charging system can be mounted underneath the surface of existing furniture, counter tops, desks or other non-metallic surfaces. It does not require a hole to be drilled from the top of the surface, thereby, preserving the surface/furnishing aesthetics. The wireless charging signal can penetrate up to 10mm of material to transmit power between the charger and the receiver.

Key Features of LinkCharge CT

  • Supports medium power output at 15 watts
  • Compatible with both WPC and AirFuel Alliance wireless charging standards
  • Compatible with faster charging phones
  • Regulatory certified

This solution is ideal for Commercial and Residential Furnishings, Restaurants/Hotels, Transportation Stations/Lounges, Industrial Environments and Education Facilities. Click here to learn more about the LinkCharge CT.


  • Country: United States
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