Tecore Networks Showcases Enhanced Military Mobile Communications Platform

Tecore Networks is exhibiting its enhanced military mobile communications platforms, including the LYNX-D, a 4G LTE - Advanced (LTE-A) carrier aggregation man-packable solution, at the MILCOM 2016 that is taking place in Baltimore from November 1 to 3, 2016. Capable of operating private 4G LTE and Wi-Fi networks simultaneously, the LYNX-D provides secure commercial-grade 4G LTE-A voice, text, video and packet data services.

Tecore's LYNX-D platform is able to support LTE and HSPA+ technology to provide voice, text and packet data service for users as a standalone private network or while integrated as part of a larger communications network. The LYNX’s compact size, all-IP architecture, and fully integrated EPC and eNodeB make it adaptable to air, ground, or maritime operations. It is scalable to the mission requirements, meeting the needs of a secure, portable 4G LTE-A network for small tactical teams as well as serving as a portable micro site for permanent or temporary bases, campuses, or operation centers. Its full feature capabilities, intuitive interface, portable form factor, and support for all LTE frequency bands are ideal for tactical, rapidly deployable, and first responder communication networks.

Additionally the unit supports up to 256 Simultaneous Active Users (SAU) and has a maximum throughout of 250 Mbps (TCP) downlink and 45 Mbps (TCP) uplink. The communications platform optimizes network awareness, situational visibility and more efficiently delivers on the demand for mobility.

In September, Tecore was invited to participate in two technical demonstrations, SOCOM Technical Experiment (TE) 16-4 and Stiletto Maritime Capabilities Demonstration (CD) 16-3, each were focused on next generation technologies applicable to the military’s maritime environment. These demonstrations were conducted to encourage the exchange of technology information between industry leaders and the military operators. At these events, Tecore demonstrated their LYNX-D capability by providing a seamless LTE and Wi-Fi network infrastructure for Ship-to-Ship and Ship-to-Shore communications and high speed data transfer. In addition, Tecore integrated its LYNX platform with Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) Radios, using the MANET as a backhaul option. They also demonstrated mobile asset tracking across its LTE and Wi-Fi networks providing real-time situational awareness and location tracking during mobile operations.

The armed forces face continually evolving threats around the globe, and need communications technology which is also capable of evolving and Tecore Networks ensures that the troops have state-of-the-art means of communication in the most challenging situations.