MACOM Wins Preliminary Injuction to Block Infineon's Use of GaN-on-Si for RF Applications

MACOM has announced that the US District Court for the Central District of California in Los Angeles has granted their request for a preliminary injunction in their lawsuit against Infineon Technologies (“Infineon”) over Gallium Nitride on Silicon (GaN-on-Si) technology rights.

Macom had initiated legal action against Infineon Technologies and International Rectifier (acquired by Infineon in 2015), to defend its rights to use the pioneering and patented GaN on silicon technology developed by Nitronex (acquired by Macom in 2014). In the suit filed, Macom alleges that Infineon has attempted to interfere with Macom’s rights under certain agreements between Nitronex and International Rectifier.

According to John Croteau, CEO of MACOM, Nitronex and IR, and later, Macom and IR, successfully collaborated for many years. Problems developed only after Infineon acquired IR and began to try to ‘renegotiate’ the Nitronex-IR agreements to reduce Macom’s rights.

The Court’s October 31, 2016 decision (i) confirmed MACOM’s continuing exclusive rights in certain GaN-on-Si RF fields under a 2010 License Agreement entered into between Nitronex (acquired by MACOM in 2014) and International Rectifier (acquired by Infineon in 2015); (ii) ruled that MACOM is likely to succeed on its claim that Infineon’s purported termination of that Agreement was improper and without effect; and (iii) granted MACOM’s motion for a preliminary injunction prohibiting Infineon from engaging in activities inconsistent with the 2010 License Agreement pending the Court’s final decision in the case.

John Croteau, President and Chief Executive Officer of MACOM said - They were forced to file this lawsuit to stand up to Infineon’s bullying and anticompetitive behavior. They are gratified by the Court’s preliminary decision confirming that the GaN-on-Si rights granted to us under the 2010 License Agreement remain in full force and effect and that Infineon acted improperly in trying to operate in their exclusive field of use. They are firmly committed to vigorously litigating this case to its rightful conclusion. They continue on the path to providing GaN-on-Si technology that promises to improve network data service and cell coverage of 4G/LTE and 5G basestations that will benefit people worldwide.


  • Country: United States
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