SemiGen Introduces Limiter Diodes from 100 MHz to 30 GHz

SemiGen has introduced a series of new limiter diodes. The SLP7100 limiter diodes are processed with a high-resistivity epitaxial wafer (epi) that has thin intrinsic layers. These devices are 2 to 20 microns thick and can be gold doped to achieve specific performance goals. They can be used in passive or active limiter designs in the 100 MHz to 30 GHz frequency range and feature a low capacitance and resistance as well as a fast turn-on time of 5ns. These easily bondable limiters can handle a maximum input power ranging from +47 dBm to +66 dBm and a leakage output power from +19 dBm to +44 dBm. Typical insertion losses range from a low 0.10 dB to a maximum of 0.2 dB.

These limiters are ideally suited for high-power applications, radars, EW, and communications systems as protection against unwanted power surges or spikes for low noise components. The SLP7100 series can be supplied as a chip or in a host of different package varieties offered through SemiGen.


  • Country: United States
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