Coilcraft Releases Low-loss Power Inductors at electronica 2016

Coilcraft has introduced its new XEL60xx Family of high-current, low-loss power inductors at electronica 2016.

The XEL60xx Family employs a new design which offers extremely low DCR (as low as 1.35 mOhms) and ultra-low AC losses at high switching frequencies from 2 to 5 MHz. It is currently available in two models, the XEL6030 and XEL6060, both featuring lower inductance values which have been fully optimized for high frequency applications. Both series provide superior current handling (up to 41.0 Amps) with soft saturation characteristics to withstand high current spikes.

XEL60xx Family inductors measure just 6.56 x 6.36 mm with maximum heights as low as 3.1 mm, making them ideal for compact DC-DC converters. They feature RoHS compliant tin-silver over copper terminations and are halogen free. The inductors are also qualified to AEC-Q200 Grade 1 standards (-40° to +125°C ambient), making them suitable for automotive and other harsh-environment applications.

Click here to learn more about the XEL6030 and XEL6060.


  • Country: United States
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