R&S Introduces Over-The-Air Power Measurement Solution for 5G and Wireless Gigabit Components

Base stations, access points, wireless devices and radio modules use phased array antennas to transmit 5G and wireless gigabit radio signals. They use Beamforming technologies to control the direction of radiation of the transmit antenna in order to maximize the power level at the receiver.

The R&S NRPM OTA power measurement solution from R&S is the first solution for measuring transmit power over the air interface for 5G and wireless gigabit components. The solution enables users working in development and production to calibrate the output power of the antenna on a DUT and to test the DUT' beamforming function. The solution works in the frequency range from 27.5 GHz to 75 GHz and therefore covers the 28 GHz band currently being discussed for 5G as well as the frequency range from 55 GHz to 66 GHz for 802.11ad and frequencies above 66 GHz for IEEE 802.11ay.

The R&S NRPM OTA power measurement solution consists of two core components: the antenna module and the three-channel sensor module.

The R&S NRPM A66 antenna module is a simple, polarized Vivaldi antenna with an integrated diode detector for power measurements. The antenna has a high linearity which enables it to  measure the relative power with high accuracy, better than 0.2 dB. Because the power is measured directly on the antenna, the user does not need any additional RF cables, therby eliminating the loss from cables. So with a single antenna module, the user can calibrate the output power on a DUT and with several spatially offset antenna modules, it is possible to test a DUT's beamforming function.

The R&S NRPM3 three-channel sensor module processes measurements from up to three antenna modules. If more than three antennas are needed for a test setup, users can add in additional sensor modules in parallel. The additional measurement points increase the measurement resolution during beamforming tests.

The free R&S Power Viewer Plus PC software from Rohde & Schwarz is available for evaluating and processing the measurement data. It can be used to visually monitor measurements on up to twelve channels and, for example, to determine the average power.

For measurements in its R&S TS7124 19" shielded chamber, Rohde & Schwarz also offers the R&S NRPM-ZD3 cable feedthrough with integrated feedthrough filter. This allows users to acquire signals in a shielded measurement environment for measurement results that are always reproducible.

The R&S NRPM OTA power measurement solution for 5G and wireless gigabit components is now available from Rohde & Schwarz. Click here to learn more abou the R&S OTA Power Measurement Solution.