V2X Smart Antenna Solutions Enhance Automotive Connectivity

At Electronica 2016, Ethertronics unveiled two new Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) smart antennas to enhance connected car antenna performance, reliability and range. Their evolving active steering antenna technologies provide excellent V2X wireless performance solving today's demanding automotive wireless connectivity challenges.

Ethertronics has provided antenna in-car connectivity system solutions for over 15 years. Their integrated smart antenna, active steering technology is the latest example of how the automobile has begun a fundamental shift away from passive antennas, which struggle to support LTE’s fragmented bands, carrier aggregation and MIMO, as well as the trend toward thinner, sleeker car antennas. Active Steering is a game changer disrupting the status quo because of its ability to deliver major spectral efficiency gains as well as a host of other important in-car benefits - from better connectivity and stronger interference immunity to increased download speeds, and an improved connected car user experience.

Ethertronics showcased its new Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) smart antennas at Electronica, in Munich. The two antennas showcased are listed below:

1. EtherDSRC Active Steering V2X External Antenna (PN 9000915)

  • External antenna
  • 5 dBi peak gain near the azimuth where it matters the most for the V2x communication
  • Active antenna compatible with Ethertronics Active Steering Technology, improving radio link reliability and coverage
  • Vertical and horizontal polarization depending of the antenna pattern selected
  • This active steering antenna exhibit very good front to back gain ratio (>15 dB) ensuring high immunity to interference when driven by Ethertronics patented MCD algorithm
  • Digital Control done via the RF cable, reducing the need for a second cable
  • Compatible with EU V2X frequency bands (standard ETSI ES 202 663 V1.1.0)
  • Compatible with US V2X frequency bands (WAVE, IEEE 802.11p)

2. EtherDSRCÔ SMT High Gain V2X Antenna (PN 9000911)

  • Very low profile (3.5 mm)
  • Maximum gain near the azimuth gain (up to 4 dBi), where it matters the most for the V2X communication
  • SMD compatible and low cost
  • Compatible with EU V2X frequency bands (standard ETSI ES 202 663 V1.1.0
  • Compatible with US V2X frequency bands (WAVE, IEEE 802.11p)

Ethertronics has shipped over 1.4 billion antenna systems that are being used by leading wireless handset and device manufacturers worldwide.