Skyworks Introduces Portfolio of Advanced CATV Infrastructure Solutions

At Electronica 2016, Skyworks has introduced a portfolio of cable TV (CATV) infrastructure solutions targeting DOCSIS 3.1 and EuroDOCSIS 3.1 cable applications. By combining world-class linearity with leading reliability, these products ensure ultra-fast data throughput and high quality streaming while minimizing downtime for Multiple System Operators (MSOs) and paving the way for hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) systems capable of greater data speeds. Skyworks has already secured a key design win with a major European CATV OEM.

This new range of ultra-linear RF amplifiers are the first devices commercially available for frequencies up to 1218 MHz in Europe - optimized to support high signal fidelity.

The pace of technology is continually changing the way consumers receive information and entertainment. Skyworks is supporting this massive upsurge in data requirements for consumers around the world via smartphones, the connected car and wearables, as well as equipment and services into the home. With their newest suite of solutions for network operators, Skyworks is addressing the growing CATV market, enabling the delivery of new, high speed data channels while providing MSOs the ability to continue pushing fiber networks deeper into their infrastructure platforms.

According to Strategy Analytics, consumer demand for new, faster video and broadband services, the global transition to digital and the drive towards new back-end systems are all driving growth in CATV infrastructure networks. Customer subscriptions for digital CATV jumped 18 percent to 16.3 million across Europe in the first half of 2016 alone as subscribers migrate to enhanced services, per Cable Europe and Screen Digest.

Skyworks' CATV solutions include wide bandwidth DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS 3.1 compliant ultra-linear RF amplifiers:

The ACA1216 is a 1218 MHz CATV MMIC power doubler amplifier (12V) with high linear RF power for a high gain 12V CATV surface mount device. This GaAs RF Linear Amplifier has been developed to provide a high gain output stage for HFC/FTTC node and ORM RF amplifiers that require highest bit delivery efficiency, low power consumption, and a ultra small landed product footprint. The MMIC consists of two parallel amplifiers, operating from a 12 Volt power supply, forming the industry’s lowest cost per bit delivered power doubler (PD). The balanced amplifier approach is optimized for exceptionally low distortion and noise figure, while providing flat gain and excellent input/output return loss. The ACA1216 is designed as a single amplifier with similar total gain and output power as the combination of ACA1206 and ACA0862 or D3.1 compliant ACA1210 and ACA1212. ACA1216 provides a lower power dissipation solution than discrete amplifier cascades while providing better performance, error free content delivery to +56 dBmV/channel, smaller landed footprint, and lower BOM cost.

The ACA2429 is a 1218 MHz high output CATV power doubler amplifier (24V) featuring leading bit error rate (BER) across full operational temperature range. The ACA2429 is a highly linear, high output power integrated RF amplifier designed for CATV head ends and HFC distribution systems. The IC consists of two parallel amplifiers that are optimized for exceptionally low distortion, high output power, and high crash point in a thermally enhanced surface mount package. A GaN output stage is incorporated to minimize the operating (bias) current, thus making this an excellent choice for environmentally friendly “green” initiatives. The ACA2429 provides high gain over the 50 to 1218 MHz CATV downstream band, and is cascaded between two transmission line baluns.

Skyworks' CATV products are currently available for sampling and production.