Compact, High Performance GNSS+Cellular Module for IoT Sensor Applications

Origin GPSOriginGPS, one of the leading players in the GNSS module space has introduced the BalloonFish - an analytic sensor for IoT tracking applications. It combines penta-band GSM for global connectivity, stand-alone GNSS for accurate positioning and a customizable sensor interface. Most impressively, BalloonFish’s cellular radio, GNSS receiver and sensor interface are all configured from the cloud, enabling product changes without alterations to embedded FW. OEMs now have access to a customizable platform that reduces engineering design time and expedites production.

BalloonFish is not only an analytic sensor enabling numerous IoT tracking applications, it also resolves the RF challenges that delay many designers who want to integrate cellular and stand-alone GNSS in to their system. By this customizable sensor interface, configured completely via a web interface, OEMs can easily add their specific sensor content without making any firmware modifications. The tiny module also includes a high-performance GNSS patch antenna and uSIM socket, additionally simplifying the design process. This solution has independent power control of cellular and GNSS sections which enables designers to maximize battery life.

The first of its kind, the mini+mighty BalloonFish enables cellular-connected tracking devices to shrink down into form-factors not previously achieved by other solutions. It is available in a 23 x 25 mm form-factor. Hardware designers need only address power management, mechanical enclosure and sensor content.

Benefits & key features of BalloonFish:

  • Customizable Analytic Sensor Platform - Sensor content can be interfaced through UART, SPI, I2C and GPIO. Connect the additional sensors required by your application and capture all sensor data, including GPS position, over the cloud.
  • Cloud-connected, Configured, Controlled - There is no need to change any embedded FW on BalloonFish. Easily configure additional sensor content, GNSS operation and cellular functionality from the web dashboard.
  • Penta-Band 3G GSM with 2G Fallback for Maximum Global Coverage - Deploy your product anywhere across the globe and know that BalloonFish offers the broadest coverage with penta-band 3G GSM and 2G-fallback. If cellular coverage exists, BalloonFish can connect and give you access to your position and sensor data.
  • RF Hardware Integration - RF challenges of co-located GNSS and cellular have been resolved. Add only power management, sensor content and mechanical enclosure. Connect the antennas of your choice using the onboard micro coax connectors.
  • Independent Power Control of Cellular and GNSS - Maximize battery life during extended periods of only gathering sensor data. Select the ideal operating mode for cellular connectivity without compromising the GNSS performance.
  • Stand-alone GNSS for less than 1.5 m accuracy and minimal Time to First Fix - Unlike competitive solutions that include GNSS as an afterthought, BalloonFish was designed to maximize GNSS performance. This means positional accuracy of below 1.5 m and fast time-to-fix.

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