RFS Launches Four New Passive DAS Antennas

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), a global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, has added four new passive antennas to its suite of complete end-to-end solutions for wireless in-building communications requirements.

The new products include two broadband omnidirectional antennas and two broadband panel antennas supporting all wireless services in the 698-960/1710-2700 MHz frequency bands. The new broadband antennas are made for in-building distribution of 2G / 3G / 4G wireless communications systems as well as for Wi-Fi and WLAN services. Two of them - one new omnidirectional antenna (I-ATO5-698/2700M) and one panel antenna (I-ATP5-698/2700M) are designed for 4G LTE multi-band MIMO to specifically support high capacity applications.

All four new antennas feature PIM-optimized antenna design (150 dBC @ 2 x 20 W) to ensure highest performance for in-building passive DAS applications. They also include low loss pigtail with N female connectors. Versions compatible with the 4.3-10 standard will be available soon. The new antennas are constructed from lightweight materials, ideal for easy ceiling mounting. Their low profile and off-white radome blend unobtrusively into most building aesthetics to minimize visual impact.

Radio Frequency Systems comprehensive, passive DAS product portfolio enables RF wideband, multi-band, multi-technology, and multi-operator support. In addition to antennas, the company’s RF cables combine flexibility and strength with low attenuation and high power ratings; non-cable components maintain overall system and PIM performance; and RF-over-fiber repeaters can be used to re-amplify signals across long distances. RFS recently enhanced its portfolio of passive RF components with 90 new products, as well, to provide a full range of solutions for all wireless in-building commercial and mission-critical communications requirements.