Low Phase Noise & Low Cost, Plug and Play YIG-Based Synthesizer Solution

Teledyne Microwave Solutions has developed what they claim to be the first YIG-based Synthesizer that substantially reduces the high cost of acquiring a high-quality, broadband low phase noise source. The new synthesizer simply plugs into a laptop or desktop and yields a fully functional synthesizer that delivers superior performance and ROI to the standard industry alternative, voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs). These synthesizers have a modular design and can be configured in a variety of shapes, sizes, frequencies, and interfaces to meet any custom requirements for test instrument applications.

By offering customers excellent low phase noise YIG oscillator technology embedded in a complete synthesizer solution, TMS lets customers avoid the costs associated with the non-integrated “component” approach to low phase noise source procurement. Those include the costs of procuring and integrating additional parts, design and development, testing, time to market and more.

Leveraging the latest in phase locked loop techniques, TMS has designed a synthesizer solution that keeps costs low to allow customers to deploy the solution in a wide variety of test instrument applications. Operating in the 6 GHz to 13 GHz frequency range, these modular YIG synthesizers have USB, simple “Set Frequency” command, and SPI interfaces available, and produce an output power of 10 dBm to 16 dBm. TMS has other frequency bands available that operate down to 2 GHz.


  • 6 to 13 GHz Frequency Range with 1 MHz step size
  • 10 to 16 dBm Output Power
  • Simple to Use “Plug n’ Play’ design
  • Low phase noise YIG oscillator technology integrated in synthesizer solution