Anritsu Joins Advanced Wireless Research Initiative to Improve Urban Infrastructure

Anritsu, as part of its commitment to developing 5G technology, announced its participation in the National Science Foundation (NSF) - led Advanced Wireless Research Initiative, which includes a program to enable the design, development, deployment and operations of four city-scale testing Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) over the next decade. The Advanced Wireless Research Initiative is further aligned with the White House Smart Cities Initiative, which aims to make it easier for cities, federal agencies, universities, and the private sector to work together to research and test, sometimes at scale, new technologies that can help make United States cities and communities more inhabitable, cleaner, and more equitable.

Anritsu will work with other technology companies to conduct spectrum policy and research efforts to accelerate the rollout of a new generation of wireless networks. They will contribute their millimeter wave (mmWave) signal analyzers, microwave components, spectrum analysis tools and similar equipment to support testing, measurement, and service assurance as part of its commitment. Its participation in the Advanced Wireless Research Initiative, and in the PAWR program specifically, is consistent with its legacy of collaborating with universities and research organizations to develop emerging technologies.

Anritsu's spectrum analysis tools for 5G applications are built on flexible platforms that integrate advanced hardware and software, their solutions have the performance necessary to meet current needs and the scalability to add capability easily and affordably as 5G standards and measurement requirements evolve. The result is instrumentation that lowers the cost of test and helps speed time to market.

The PAWR program constitutes a public-private effort spanning NSF and more than 20 technology companies and associations, including Anritsu. The eventual city-scale testing platforms, and the fundamental research to be supported on them, will allow academics, entrepreneurs, and the wireless industry to test and develop advanced wireless technology ideas, protocols, applications, and services, some of which may translate into key future innovations for 5G and beyond.


  • Country: United States
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