AirFuel Alliance to Drive Resonant Global Wireless Charging Standards for PCs

The AirFuel Alliance recently announced the formation of a new PC Task Force. The AirFuel Alliance is a nonprofit consortium of industry leaders trying to better user experience through the development of new wireless charging standards. Leading PC and semiconductor manufacturers including Dell, Lenovo, STMicroelectronics and others are helping to launch this new AirFuel Alliance Task Force. They are now welcoming all members of the ecosystem - PC-OEMs, integrated circuit suppliers, infrastructure and technology providers - to join forces and further the evolution of wireless charging for PCs. The task force will work towards encouraging all PC OEM's to embed resonant technology in PCs (including laptops, tablets, and 2-in-1 laptop/tablet hybrids) through volume production. The goal is to deliver higher power wireless charging at lower costs.

The Airfuel Alliance wants wireless charging to be pervasive in public venues. To accomplish that they need resonant technology, as it enables higher power, high efficiency and spatial freedom, which drives a better user experience. The goal of this task force is to make sure these fundamental benefits are incorporated into consumer devices as quickly and easily as possible to deliver on the promise of a truly wireless world.

Lenovo lead-user research has shown that customers want simpler ways to make home, work and public places smarter and more accessible. Wireless charging will offer greater cable independence and allow superior freedom of movement. Lenovo is delighted to help launch this task force with the prime goal of further improving the personalized computing experience for customers.

Dell, Lenovo, and STMicroelectronics are excited to be part of this new AirFuel task force to help drive the adoption of wireless charging and let consumers cut the cords worldwide.