Ka-Band Mixer Diodes for Doublers, Modulators & Double Balanced Mixers

SemiGen has introduced a series of Point Contact Mixer Diodes that perform into the Ka-band. The 1N series of point contact mixer diodes have been designed with noise figures as low as 5.5 dB at 3.060 GHz and 6.0 dB at 9.375 GHz. With VSWR’s of 1.3:1 and impedances ranging from 200-600 Ohms, these devices can serve as drop in replacements for all military and commercial requirements. They are available in cartridge style packages with mechanical reliability with operating temperatures ranging from -55 C to 150 C.

These diodes employ epitaxial silicon growth in a specific reactor for optimized performance and are suitable for stripline applications as well as for use in designs of doublers, modulators, and double balanced mixers. Click here to learn more about these Mixer Diodes.


  • Country: United States
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