New Collaboration to Enhance Mobile Broadband Technologies for 5G

Keysight Technologies and ASELSAN Elektronik from Turkey, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to establish a strategic partnership on research and development of 5G communication technologies. Both companies plan to work together on 5G enabling technologies - especially on active antenna systems and remote radio heads, as well as prototype verification platform integration and characterization capabilities, with a goal of enhancing future 5G wireless communication innovations.

The collaboration started with ASELSAN mmWave RRH integration within Keysight's 5G Waveform Generation and Analysis Testbed, Reference Solution, including MIMO real-time beamforming and beam steering over-the-air characterization capabilities. The W1906BEL 5G Baseband Exploration Library provides ready-to-use reference signal processing IPs for 5G technology research.

ASELSAN will provide the following products and solutions:

  • 10 GHz microwave transmitter with antenna
  • 10 GHz microwave receiver with antenna
  • Control unit and local oscillator for massive MIMO beam steering
  • Antennae for user equipment

The collaboration will lead to the launch of the next generation of RRH high-speed broadband mmWave wireless communications exploration and new characterization technics.

The development and validation of mmWave MIMO systems pose huge challenges. A high-performance, customizable mmWave MIMO hardware platform, an easy to use design and simulation software solution, and a set of ready-to-use 5G libraries, are critical for the designers to address those challenges faster and more efficiently. The collaboration with ASELSAN to integrate the Keysight solution with ASELSAN antenna arrays and realize a live prototype system will demonstrate an important step toward meeting these challenges.