u-blox Joins European Alliance for Smart Energy Solutions

u-blox has become an official member of ESMIG (the European voice of smart energy solution providers). ESMIG represents European companies that provide products, information technology and services for multi-commodity metering, display and management of energy consumption and production at consumer premises. Their focus is to make energy cleaner, more affordable and more reliable. Founded nine years ago in Brussels as an independent group, ESMIG has quickly become a full European association with strong links to the European Commission and access to the latest information on smart utilities. It maintains an active list of smart meter rollouts and works actively to harmonize standards across Europe.

ESMIG welcomed u‑blox as a member and is looking forward to u‑blox’s contribution to the activities of ESMIG on both political and technical issues related to consumer energy management. They appreciate u-blox’s expertise on wireless communication and its application in the utility industry.

By joining ESMIG u-blox shows their commitment to industrial applications and customers. They will interact with special interest groups and interdisciplinary organizations in the smart metering ecosystem, and also share their expertise. Working along the European Commission will also allow u-blox to have access to the new technology and regulation initiatives in the smart energy sector at a very early stage and shape their smart metering product portfolio accordingly.

u-blox offers an ATEX certified cellular portfolio and manufacturing based on ISO16785 to fulfill industry-specific rugged specifications, compliant with the highest quality and reliability standards. The company strives to deliver value to the metering industry through continuous innovation. Recently introduced modules based on LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT technologies are designed to improve coverage and signal penetration, while extending the battery life of deployed smart meters. u-blox has recently announced its own LTE Cat 1 technology to cater to the industrial market trend where verticals such as the energy sector focus on functionality and longevity with a product life time of over a decade.

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