e2v Introduces 5 GHz C-Band Analog-to-Digital Converter

e2v is providing a special opportunity for customers to get their hands early on the sample of the EV12AD500, the first Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) to offer direct C-band digitization.

The EV12AD500 is the first ADC to offer C-band signal digitization with a -3dB input bandwidth at 5 GHz, offering system simplification benefits for signal receiver chains operating at microwave frequencies. e2v’s C-band capable ADC eliminates the requirement for signal down-conversion, therefore removing the need for mixers, and the typical power requirements associated with them.

The EV12AD500 will feature the same chain synchronization feature as seen in the recently launched EV12AD550, offering significant benefits to complex antenna arrays that operate a large number of ADC channels simultaneously. This feature addresses the fundamental synchronization issues found in applications such as radio telescopes, radar antenna arrays and communication systems.

The EV12AD500 responds directly to the growing demand for Size, Weight & Power (SWaP) concious system designs and at the same time opens up new possibilities for applications operating in the microwave domain.

With first samples due January 2017, this new ADC will be the first of its kind to feature two built in data buses, providing users with an option of using a serial or parallel interface, making it unrivalled in both performance and functionality. Customers that operate the EV12AD500 with the parallel interface will benefit from an impressive latency of 7n/s, whilst serial interface users will have access to the embedded, highly efficient, open source protocol, ESIstream. Click here, for early access to this product or click here to learn more about this product.


  • Country: United States
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