Schottky Barrier Diodes up to 40 GHz for Low, Medium, and High Barrier Applications

SemiGen, an ISO and ITAR registered RF supplier has added a series of new Schottky Diodes to its product range. The Silicon-based Schottky Diodes utilize various metal schemes to provide excellent performance for low, medium and high barrier applications up to 40 GHz. This series of schottky diodes feature small junction capacitances, low I/F noise, low resistance, and multi-junction chips for optimum performance. With forward voltage drops as high at 0.6 V and superior TSS, these diodes are ideal for detector/mixer applications with frequency ranges from the S-band up to the Ka-band as well as modulators, low power limiters and high speed switches. With 48 different models to choose from, these schottky barrier diodes are available in chip, glass, ceramic, and beam lead packages.

SemiGen’s barrier bridge quads and ring quads offer breakdown voltages as high as 5 V, capacitances ranging from 0.15 pF to 0.35 pF, and a series resistance ranging from 14 Ohms to 20 Ohms. These bridge quads and ring quads have a stable matched electrical performance and are of a monolithic construction with operating temperatures ranging from -55 C to 150 C, these devices are ideal for use in designs of doublers, modulators, and double balanced mixers up to 40 GHz.

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  • Country: United States
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