Compact Range Solution for 5G and High Frequency Wireless Communications

ART-Fi-Compact Range

Art-Fi has partnered with WavePro to build an ultra-precise, high-frequency compact range (up to 300GHz) with 50% quiet zone efficiency. A Compact Range makes direct far-field measurement of electrically large antennas in a shielded anechoic chamber. It uses a large parabolic reflector to project a small radiating source (feed) into the far field. Multiple-feed systems may be used to improve the far-field characteristics.

Customers will now be able to measure an accurate radiation pattern of a laptop with built-in WiGig transmitter within a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.2m space. This solution has a rolled-edge reflector that reduces edge diffraction and notably improves quiet-zone ripple, resulting in large quiet zones at low frequencies. The surface is the latest in precision, with just 1 mil (0.025mm) RMS error.

Other Key Features:

  • Cutting-edge compact range design
  • Reduces quiet zone clutter levels down to -40 dBc
  • High quiet zone efficiency >50%
  • One-piece design has extremely high precision surface tolerance, 1 mil (0.025mm) RMS error
  • Robust structure using a single closed aluminum body
  • Higher precision (10 um) models are available

It is Perfect for mmWave / antenna testing, 5G wireless antenna OTA performance assessment, Active sub-system / Active system testing, RCS testing, EMC testing, Large high performance antenna testing, Low F2B BSE antenna testing and Satellite antenna testing. Click here to learn more about this product.

Compact Range Art-Fi