Very High Q, Space Qualified Mounting Capacitors from 45 to 1000 pF

SemiGen has introduced extremely low loss very high Q, Class K Qualified mounting capacitors for Space applications featuring low temperature coefficients. These capacitors are available in 6 different capacitance configurations from 45 pF to 1000 pF. They are developed using an MNOS approach and precision photolithography to provide a dependable device.

These mounting capacitors are manufactured on dies as thin as 3 mils to limit inductance. They have a withstanding voltage of at least 50 VDC up to 200 VDC, long-term stability, and gold contacts on the front and back with thermal and mechanical properties that allow the device to be mounted with optimum matching.

Mounting capacitors are ideally suited for applications that require DC protection, RF bypassing, or fixed tuning of amplifiers, oscillators, switches, filters, and multipliers. Standard chip sizes range from 20 x 40 mils to 127 x 145 mils, custom designs and thicknesses are available through SemiGen. Design guidelines are virtually limitless and SemiGen can design to accommodate any FET and MMIC device. Click here to learn more about these mounting capacitors from SemiGen.


  • Country: United States
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