Industry's First Test Automation Tool for Both RF and Optical Testing Needs

Anritsu has released the industry’s first comprehensive field test automation tool that supports both RF and optical testing. The new version of its award-winning SkyBridge Tools Test Manager now supports Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) measurements. By reducing test time by as much as 90% and increasing accuracy more than 10 times, the SkyBridge Tools dramatically simplify network installation verification, allowing contractors to close out projects more efficiently, receive prompt payments, and start new projects faster.

The new SkyBridge Tools bring full test automation to the Anritsu Access Master MT9083 OTDR and Network Master Pro MT1000 optical transport tester. By allowing users to quickly create detailed test plans, script one-off field tests, judge the results and create reports. SkyBridge Tools is the perfect cloud-based solution for RF contractors who must test DAS and cellular towers, as well as fiber contractors working in data centers, hybrid DAS, fronthaul, and backhaul or metro and core networks.

The new update now has a number of features for more efficient testing of fiber optic cables. A fiber test wizard, automatically generates test plans that include fiber naming conventions, test setup, judgement criteria, and bi-directional test support. The new and complete OTDR criteria has a standard mode to simplify setting up test criteria and an advanced mode that offers full control of all the testing parameters, covering even the most demanding testing requirements. The Instrument Automation Mode test feature completely automates the field test setup and process. This supplies a single icon which eliminates all optical configuration, threshold settings, and file naming processes. Pass/Fail trace judgement is completed based on the test plan and criteria. VIP Pass/Fail judgement and easy reporting are also provided.

Anritsu also announced that the Site Master S331P ultraportable cable and antenna analyzer and PIM Master MW82119B portable analyzer now fully support SkyBridge Tools, including creating test criteria, wizards, test plans, scripting, trace judgement, and reporting. The new features of SkyBridge further positions it as the most comprehensive test automation solution on the market. It brings simplified testing processes to the network installation workflow, resulting in less time testing, more accurate tests, and reliable payment for work done.


  • Country: United States
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