New Crush Resistance VNA Test Cables Operate up to 50 GHz

AtlanTecRF has launched new series of VNA test cables designed for use with vector network analyzers. The ACV series of low loss VNA test cables are available in both 40 GHz (ACV-CA40) and 50 GHz (ACV-CA50) options with excellent RF performance in an ultra-flexible construction with superb crush resistance and a jacket which stands up to the high abrasion levels often present in a laboratory environment.

Aimed primarily at the microwave laboratory test and measurement market where continual flexing and high levels of handling are normal, the new assemblies feature +/-0.3 dB amplitude stability and +/-5 degree phase stability with better than 1.2:1 VSWR for a 40 GHz model with 2.92 mm male connectors. The 50 GHz versions are fitted with 2.4 mm male connectors and exhibit an insertion loss of just 5 dB/meter.

There are 10 different layers of construction in the cable used for these VNA assemblies, ranging from the silver plated copper centre conductor through to low density PTFE dielectric, silver plated copper ribbon intermediate layer with PTFE stabiliser, all the way to the crush protection layer and outer abrasion resistant jacket.

These 40 GHz (ACV-CA40) and 50 GHz (ACV-CA50) cables are now available from stock in standard lengths of 0.5. 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 meters. They have a minimum bend radius of just 40 mm and are made from light materials with a weight of 34 gms per metre. The assemblies are fully RoHS compliant and feature stainless steel connectors.