New WiGig Complaint Phased Array Chipset for Consumer Electronics

Peraso Technologies has introduced a WiGig complaint phased array chipset for consumer electronics. The W120 builds on the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WiGig W110 Chipset, with support for high-bandwidth applications such as wireless routers, VR devices and wireless displays.

Key features of the W120 WiGig chipset include:

  • Blazing fast with 4.6 Gb/s throughput
  • 802.11ad STA, PCP and AP support
  • Support for WiGig beam forming and beam tracking
  • Support for 8 high performance Tx/Rx antennas
  • USB 3.0 Interface

The W120 chipset offers users unparalleled flexibility with a variety of antenna configurations. Initial configurations include:

  • Multi-direction arrays providing full omni coverage for compact USB adapter form-factors
  • Multi-direction, multi-radio, arrays providing full omni coverage for desktop form-factors
  • High performance patch arrays providing half omni coverage for display form-factors

The extremely high WiGig data rates, more than 5x that of 802.11ac, facilitates a host of applications not available through standard Wi-Fi connectivity. As Internet access quickly advances to gigabit data rates, WiGig wireless connectivity will ensure that consumer electronic devices keep pace with the entire network. High throughput is critical for data-intensive, cloud-based applications. With the rapid growth of VR, WiGig is the only wireless technology that can provide a high resolution, no lag, wireless VR experience. Using WiGig, large media files can be transferred between devices in a matter of seconds, not only providing the consumer with next generation convenience, but done so wirelessly.

Peraso's WiGig chipsets and solutions will be on display at CES 2017 in Las Vegas from Jan 5th to 8th, 2017.