Doodle Labs Introduces NTIA Compliant 4.4 GHz NATO Broadband Transceivers

Doodle Labs has launched a series of embedded transceivers that have been designed to be fully compliant with the NTIA’s channel plans for worldwide deployments. This compliance provides System Integrators with a streamlined path to offer modems and routers for various Military and Public Safety related applications.

The 4.4 GHz band, also known as C-Band, is a licensed band dedicated for US and NATO military that offers several advantages. Since the band is restricted to military use, it provides an additional level of security and is less crowded than the unlicensed spectrum.

The US Federal 4 GHz spectrum spans 4.4 GHz to 4.94 GHz. This spectrum is designated for the U.S. military fixed and mobile communications. There are also peacetime training and test networks deployed in this frequency range. Additionally, this band is used widely by NATO countries in Europe for military communications networks. Typical uses include point-to-point data links, drone vehicle control, telemetry and mesh networking.

Doodle Labs’ embedded 4.4 GHz NATO Broadband transceivers have been designed to provide the best-in-class performance, particularly for addressing challenging applications. The transceivers feature high RF power and great Rx sensitivity to provide high throughput over long ranges. They support an extended temperature range, more than 20 KV antenna protection, and vibration resiliency for outdoor/rugged environments.

Doodle Labs is extremely focused on the quality of its products. Each transceiver is individually tested and calibrated to eliminate field performance variations. They have used components only from Tier-1 suppliers and state-of-the-art manufacturing machines to maintain the high quality and reliability.

Key Features  

  • Compliant with DoD Spectrum management requirements
  • 4400-5000 MHz operating band (custom configuration are available for operation in the smaller sub-bands).
  • 2×2 MIMO streams to deliver high data throughput
  • Up to 32 dBm of RF power aggregate for 2 streams helps to push downstream data at higher modulation rates
  • Integrated LNA for best-in-class Rx sensitivity
  • Supports 5/10/20/40 MHz channels to maximize spectrum efficiency
  • High selectivity band pass filters for increased noise immunity
  • Modular architecture allows a variety of mounting and heat management possibilities
  • Loopback mode to assist FIPS AES certification
  • AP and Client modes to implement Point to Point, Infrastructure Point to multi Point, and Ad-hoc/Mesh networks
  • Dynamic Link adaptation to optimize throughput depending on channel conditions
  • Integrated Antenna Port protection > 20 KV
  • Built with industrial-grade components. Reliable design for for both vehicular and outdoor environments. MMCX connectors, Electrical Stress protection, -40°C to +80°C operating environment
  • Supports spatial multiplexing, cyclic-delay diversity (CDD), low-density parity check (LDPC), maximal ratio combining (MRC)
  • Support for IEEE 802.11 e, h, i, k, RO, v time stamp, and w standards
  • WEP, TKIP, AES, and WAPI hardware encryption

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