World's First 20 Watt Wireless Charging Solution Using Inductive Technology

Semtech Corporation has developed a new wireless charging transmitter and receiver evaluation platform for industrial applications supporting up to 20 watts of wireless power transfer. The LinkCharge 20 Series offers two evaluation modules: a transmitter and receiver that utilize magnetic, inductive-based wireless charging technology. It is the only currently available inductive wireless charging system that supports up to 20 watts of power output by using a proprietary protocol for communication between the transmitter and the receiver. Industrial equipment manufacturers can use the LinkCharge 20 to test wireless power in next-generation applications such as power tools, appliances, medical instruments and automation systems.

Key Features of the LinkCharge 20 Series:

  • Only inductive wireless charging technology currently available that supports up to 20 watts of output power using proprietary communication protocol
  • High DC-DC efficiency at 85 percent
  • Flexible, programmable firmware-based solution for quicker time-to-market and to accommodate the evolution of industry standards

The LinkCharge 20 evaluation platforms are available immediately through Semtech’s distribution channel. Learn more about Wireless Charging in the everything RF Wireless Charging Hub!


  • Country: United States
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