Resonant to Develop LTE Filter for the Chinese Market

Resonant Inc. has signed a new joint development agreement with another leading RFFE component vendor. The agreement encompasses the development of Resonant’s second complex filter that has been specifically developed for the Time Division Duplex (TDD) requirements of the Chinese market. This is their second engagement with a company that doesn’t own its own fab.

Utilizing Resonant’s Infinite Synthesized Network (ISN) platform enables cost-effective designs for LTE bands in China. In Chine, LTE Bands are located very close to existing WiFi and Bluetooth spectrum with only narrow guardbands. This co-existence issue requires both high rejection to neighboring potential interference and high power capability to maximize coverage.

This agreement will enable the customer to evaluate Resonant’s ISN platform and their ability to design and partner with a third party fab to deliver a TDD filter. Upfront payments and milestone payments have been agreed upon, but will not be disclosed due to the confidential nature of such agreements.