Christopher Marki Appointed as CEO of Marki Microwave

Marki Microwave has appointed Christopher Marki, Ph.D. as the new CEO of the company. This is their first ever change in executive leadership. Christopher F. Marki, has assumed the role of chief executive officer, while Ferenc Marki (founder of the company) will remain as President of the company. The newly appointed CEO highlighted the milestones achieved by Marki in 2016 in a Blog Post/Letter. We have summarized the key points below.

Some of the innovations Marki has pioneered in recent years:

  • Reduced the size of hybrid mixers by 14x
  • Improved isolation performance of mixers and doublers by 100x
  • Reduced the build time of their most time consuming product by 5x
  • Released form-fit-function replacement MMICs at lower costs than competitors

Some Important Milestones from 2016:

  • Continued to release more MMIC mixers, amplifiers, multipliers, and limiters for customers frustrated by supply disruptions caused by ongoing semiconductor industry M&A activity
  • Growth in all product categories, highlighted by Microlithic® and MMIC products
  • Released 4 new product categories: Diode Limiters, Nonlinear Transmission Lines, Gain Slope Equalizers & IQ MMIC Mixers  
  • Released an updated version of our free mixer nonlinear simulation PDK for Microwave Office
  • Expanded manufacturing capacity with additional 10,000 sqft building  
  • Increased total employee headcount by 30%
  • Strengthened supply chain diversity by partnering with new vendors in all product categories
  • Promoted Dr. Christopher F. Marki to Chief Executive Officer, Ferenc Marki continues to serve as company President
  • Filled key positions in Sales, Engineering and Operations to support growth

Christopher Marki said that Marki Microwave is no longer “just a mixer company” - They have introduced a number of new product lines and will continue to add more products. Soon customers will be able to build out an entire signal chain using Marki products from DC to 110 GHz. Click here to read the letter.