Advanced System to Detect Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Zavod Electromash, a Russian Company has created a unique stealth robotic system capable of detecting unmanned aerial vehicles. The system that weighs 20 kgs, includes the receiving antenna and software-hardware complex to process and display information. The system can be supplemented with optical electronics for reconnaissance purposes. This remotely operated system can be based on a small truck chasis, including a SUV or a minivan. It can detect UAVs up to a distance of 20 kms, with a radar accuracy of up to 10 meters.

The system does not give out any active radiation which gives it a better stealth capability, not allowing the enemy to detect and destroy it with anti-radar means. It can also detect enemy attack and reconnaissance drones which observe a radio silence mode and the system can effectively detect sophisticated enemy stealth drones of various types.

Non-emitting radio location is a promising trend in the development of modern radar systems as they use signals from those transmitters which are not related to systems, like TV and radio broadcasting systems, mobile connection as well as broadcasting, navigation and communications satellites. Non-emitting radar systems detect an object by comparing and processing the signals, which include a direct signal from another transmitter and the same signal reflected from an object.

The mobile optical-radar, non-emitting complex is due to enter service at the Russian Armed Forces after the wrap-up of the development work which will last until mid-2017 at the earliest.