World's First Wireless Charging 2-in-1 Notebook Uses WiTricity's Technology

The new Dell's Latitude 7285 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet is one of the first laptops to integrate wireless charging. This 2-in-1 device incorporates WiTricity's magnetic resonance-based wireless charging for PCs. The Latitude 7285 is AirFuel-certified and will be interoperable with the emerging magnetic resonance-based wireless charging ecosystem, in which WiTricity technology is foundational.

With growing teams, office space is at a premium, and workers are becoming increasingly mobile. Workplaces today seek aesthetically pleasing solutions that drive efficiency and mobility throughout the day. In parallel, employees depend on an increasing number of personal devices that frequently need to be charged. Wireless data connectivity has been widespread in notebooks for years, but there is one wire that has always remained in the equation - the power cord. The new Latitude 7285 enables a streamlined user experience by allowing people to ditch all cords to the device and have laptops charge seamlessly when placed on an AirFuel compatible charging surface. When combined with a WiGig wireless dock, you have a simple and convenient workspace with no wires to the device.

The Latitude 7285 was demonstrated at the 2017 CES Show.