Microlab Introduces Passive Components that Withstand Harsh Outdoor Environments

Microlab has introduced 51 new passive components built to withstand harsh outdoor environments with salt and fog. These network infrastructure products resist corrosion and penetration of salt water making them ideal for outdoor DAS, small cell, and cell site applications.

Outdoor communications networks are placing new environmental and mechanical requirements on high performance passive components. Microlab has incorporated several advanced electrical and mechanical design improvements to ensure these new Salt/Fog products are capable of performing to the high standards of the world’s most advanced LTE networks under extreme weather conditions. These products also complement its extensive passive product catalog and can be applied in a variety of applications in order to reduce field service costs and maintenance requirements.

The Salt/Fog products feature high-performance 4.3-10 connectors for low-PIM, a weatherproof housing coating, double seals, and insulation along with a new 4-hole flange design to maintain connector integrity. The connector interface accepts JMA Weather Protection System boot and collar system and all of the products are compliant with Class 4 exposure for 30 days of the Telcordia GR-3108-CORE paragraph 6.2 procedure and as defined by ASTM-B117.

These products extend the Microlab passive components product line with new hybrid combiners, low-PIM loads, directional couplers and reactive splitters and are also offered as custom assemblies. Click here for more information.


  • Country: United States
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