New Mixer Series Extends Range of Handheld Spectrum Analyzers

OML has introduced its new mixer series, MxxHxDC, to extend the frequency range of handheld spectrum analyzers. This portable solution has specifically been designed to enable handheld spectrum analyzers to conduct millimeter wave spectrum analysis measurement. Utilizing the handheld spectrum analyzer tracking generator as an LO source and the built-in DC supply; this harmonic mixer provides you the ease of portable field measurement in a one box solution.

Available in waveguide bands WR-12 (60-90 GHz), WR-15 (50-75 GHz) WR-10 (75-110 GHz). OML’s innovative millimeter wave frequency extension products can help test emerging application areas such as WiGig, 5G, collision avoidance radar systems, E-Band backhaul and military & defense. Click here for more information.

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