Microlab Introduces New Digital GPS Repeater & Splitter Product Line

Microlab has announced a new product line of Digital GPS Signal Repeaters and Splitters. The GPSR series repeaters and GPSS series splitters incorporate Microlab’s new patent-pending Digital SkyTiming Technology which provides advanced GPS timing and location distribution. These new products are ideal for network timing applications that require GPS signals with high precision and accuracy.

Accurate GPS signals are critical for high speed data on advanced mobile communications networks. This new Digitial SkyTiming Technology advances the performance of network timing in these systems by using CPRI transport protocols. Microlab is one of the first companies to offer products on the market to transmit GPS signals digitally allowing them to provide an advanced web interface and alarming system. As a result, these new products provide better timing accuracy and enable carriers to design and deploy more robust networks that are also less expensive to maintain.

The GPSR series repeaters transmit GPS signals to remote positions over fiber optic cables. Outdoor units accept up to four GPS antennas and transmit over redundant fiber optic outputs to the indoor units that are configured with 8-16 RF outputs. The GPSS series splitters are active splitter trays providing up to 16 additional RF outputs in only 1RU with no signal loss. When combined with the GPSR series repeaters, the entire system can be increased to support up to 32 total RF outputs from one GPS signal source.

The GPSR repeaters also offer the ability to re-broadcast GPS signals at several different locations over fiber optic cable, offering longer reach than coax cabling. The new Digital SkyTiming Technology can also accurately adjust for the position of each unit, making it ideal for transmitting GPS signals in indoor applications and tunnels where a GPS signal is needed in more than one physical location.


  • Country: United States
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