RF Startup Develops Wireless Blood Pressure Monitoring Solution

Sensifree and CSEM join forces to create a disruptive technology for monitoring blood pressure without using a cuff. Combining CSEM's expertise in the field of blood pressure monitoring and Sensifree's novel, RF-based approach, they have developed a new tool for the health wearables market.

There has been a need for cuff free blood pressure monitoring solutions for some time now. Sensifree, brings a disruptive approach to this field with its novel RF-based sensors. Together the two companies will further develop this unique cuff-free blood pressure sensor technology, with the aim of providing a new, reliable, and ultra-low-power solution for the wearables market.

With its patent pending RF-based technology, Sensifree is bringing a technology breakthrough to the fast-growing health wearables market, aiming to provide a real alternative to decades-old blood pressure monitoring technologies.