World’s First Automated Antenna Tracker System for the Professional Audio Industry

One of the main challenges that professional audio wireless users face is RF interference and signal dropouts. The RF-Compass™ System is the world’s first automatic antenna tracking device for wireless microphones and IEM equipment. Typical paddle and helical antennas have a beam pattern between 60° and 120°. However, users face issues when they move away from the antenna’s center beam pattern or the signal is no longer in the antenna’s line of sight. This causes signal gain to decrease pretty dramatically, exposing them to potential interference and drop outs that can seriously compromise wireless production quality. The RF-Compass™ System keeps the antenna pointed at the performer regardless of where they move, wireless mic and IEM signals stay strong, and occurrences of drop outs and interference are dramatically reduced.

This new addition to Kaltman Creations’ Invisible Waves™ brand brings cutting edge automation technology into the pro audio wireless arena, with an automated antenna tracking system that will improve the links between your wireless transmitters and receivers. In 2011 Kaltman Creations LLC introduced the CPAntenna™, lauded the ‘best antenna for a consistent mic-to-receiver link.’ The revolutionary RF-Compass™ antenna tracking system takes that consistent link one step further by always keeping the antenna pointed directly at the wireless transmitter, regardless of where the performer may move.

RF CompassThe RF-Compass system consists of two parts: the RF-Compass servo-controlled automatic panning device and a 5.8 GHz multi-channel miniature transmitter called the RF-Beacon. The RF-Beacon includes a belt pack mounting clip, but it is also small enough to simply be carried in a performer’s pocket, clipped onto a belt, or sewn into a costume. With the performer carrying the Beacon, the servo unit is able to bi-angulate the signal and pans around to follow the transmission source. The UHF antenna is mounted on top allowing it to also rotate to follow the movement of the performer and its own wireless transmitter.

The RF-Compass Servo Unit mounts to any standard microphone stand, and is compatible with any paddle or flat-panel directional antenna (including the Invisible Waves CPAntenna). The Servo Unit is able to rotate up to 360 degrees, and will precisely track the location of the RF-Beacon transmitter within an operating distance of over 250 feet. Each RF-Compass unit and directional antenna is dedicated to one specific performer, but up to 40 RF-Compass units may be used simultaneously without interference. For A/B diversity, two Servo Units may share the same Beacon channel. Click here to know more.