Bluetooth/BLE + Wi-Fi Module for Industrial IoT Applications

u-blox has announced that its technology is powering a new smart factory solution from Industrial IoT ldeveloper, HMS Industrial Networks. The Anybus Wireless Bolt uses the u-blox ODIN-W2 Bluetooth+Wi-Fi IoT gateway module to provide easy-to-use and robust wireless connectivity for industrial environments.

The Anybus Wireless Bolt is a rugged IP67 wireless module which connects industrial equipment to the cloud. It mounts onto existing industrial equipment, similar to a mechanical bolt and features an 18-pin internal connector compatible with industry standard protocols operating over serial, CAN, or Ethernet interfaces. Using Bluetooth and WiFi, it enables users to manage machine configuration via a standard tablet or smartphone as well as to connect to a cloud service realizing Industrial IoT.

The u-blox ODIN-W2 IoT gateway module offers cost-efficient and compact multiradio gateway functionality supporting both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Due to the ODIN-W2's Open CPU architecture and support for ARM mbed, HMS could flexibly integrate customer applications onto the module itself. This also allows for cost-effective and small form factor Industrial IoT solutions, with global wireless certification. To learn more, click here.