Sonnet EM Socket Now Supported Within NI AWR Design Environment V13

NI AWR SonnetNI AWR Design Environment Version 13 now offers an improved flow between AWR Connected for Sonnet and Sonnet Suites Version 16.54 using the latest EM Socket II architecture.

The new partner flow boasts 64-bit compatibility, as well as asynchronous EM simulations, and is perfect for printed circuit board (PCB) and monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) design applications. AWR Connected for Sonnet provides an integrated “solver on request” interface that enables users to work within the NI AWR Design Environment, specifically Microwave Office circuit design software, while integrating Sonnet’s high-accuracy simulation engine, EM to edit and analyze circuits.

To simplify usage, Microwave Office contains dialog boxes that provide control settings for Sonnet’s analysis tool. Global settings within the software efficiently apply to all EM structures in a project, while local settings allow for precision application to a single EM structure within the project.  The interface also offers the option of accessing Sonnet-exclusive features, such as parameters or dielectric bricks, when editing is done within the Sonnet Project Editor. Once a project analysis is completed within Sonnet Suites, the user can easily import the resulting data back into the Microwave Office environment.  Contact your AWR or Sonnet representative for pricing and more information.