Dialog Semiconductor Introduces WattUp Wireless Power RF-Transmit IC

Dialog Semiconductor in partnership with Energous Corporation has announced the availability of the DA4100 RF-transmit Integrated Circuit (IC). The new IC greatly simplifies the implementation of WattUp power wireless transmitter systems making them smaller and more cost-effective. WattUp is a revolutionary radio frequency (RF) based charging solution that delivers intelligent, scalable power via radio bands, similar to a Wi-Fi router. WattUp differs from older wireless charging systems in that it delivers power at a distance, to multiple devices - thus resulting in a wire-free experience that saves users from having to plug in their devices. WattUp technology is provided to Dialog under license from Energous Corporation.

The new DA4100 WattUp IC is the first chip to be made available following the announcement of Dialog Semiconductor's strategic partnership and investment in Energous Corporation in November 2016. The investment and partnership saw Dialog become the exclusive component supplier of WattUp ICs and allows Energous to leverage Dialog's broad sales and distribution channels to accelerate market adoption.

The DA4100 is a highly integrated System-on-Chip WattUp RF-transmitter IC designed to provide optimal charging of WattUp receiver devices. It forms the core of the Near Field WattUp transmitter system and is designed to charge a range of devices fitted with WattUp receivers. It features the RF transmitter, power management and integrated DC-DC supply to power Dialog’s external Bluetooth Low Energy chips, delivering a complete WattUp transmitter system solution. Applications include the wireless charging of low-power, battery-powered devices, such as wearables, fitness trackers, hearables, hearing aids, Bluetooth trackers, smart pens and other devices.

The WattUp wireless power RF-transmit IC integrates the ARM(R) Cortex(R)M0+, RF transmitter and power management functionality into a single 7 mm x 7 mm IC. It also features on-chip DC-DC conversion and software, providing seamless integration to Dialog's SmartBond family of highly integrated, low power BLE SoCs. The new IC minimizes required board space, enabling ultra-small charging transmitters and simplifying WattUp's wireless power transmitter system implementation.

Key Features

  • DA4100 integrates most of the functions required to form a complete WattUp transmitter system including an ARM Cortex® M0 processor, RAM, ROM, crystal oscillator, Low Profile Oscillator (LPO), clock divider, Phase-Lock Loop (PLL), RF converter, Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA), Power Detectors (PD), DC-DC, LDO’s, I2C, UART, SPI, GPIOs, ADCs and DACs.
  • Embedded secure element for 2-way authentication with 128bit encryption.
  • The device only requires an external crystal and power amplifier and operates directly from a 5V or 3.3V power supply.


  • Fitness Bands
  • Hearing Aids
  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • Bluetooth Trackers
  • Smart Pens
  • Remote Controls

Evaluation kits of the DA4100 WattUp wireless power RF-transmit IC are sampling now. For more information on the WattUp transmitter technology, click here.