Murata Introduces Chip Inductors for NFC Circuits

Murata has introduced the LQM18JN Series of chip inductors for near field communication. In recent years, an increasing number of electronic devices such as smartphones have included NFC capability. An NFC circuit utilizes a chip inductor for impedance matching, however, currents with large amplitudes flow in an NFC matching circuit. With a common matching inductor, the effect of magnetic saturation hinders the expected performance. Magnetic saturation occurs when the inductance drops due to a large current flow in an inductor having a strong magnetic body such as a ferrite. When magnetic saturation of the inductor is generated in a matching circuit, the inductance falls and therefore the inductance required for matching cannot be maintained, and this lowers the precision of the matching.

The LQM18JN Series has been designed specifically for NFC matching circuits and is not easily impacted by magnetic saturation. In addition, its closed magnetic circuit configuration suppresses interference with surrounding components even at high mounting density, making it ideal for reducing the size of NFC circuits. The inductors in this series are small in size, measuring 1.6 (L) x 0.8 (W) x 0.55 (T) mm with ±5% narrow deviation, ideal for matching.

For more information about the LQM18JN Series of chip inductors for near field communication, click here.