Faraday Structures to Provide Electromagnetically Protected, Secured Wireless Communication Environments

Faraday Structures has formally announced the launch and their initial product offerings. This newly formed company encompasses decades of both private and federally funded development into a comprehensive protective shielding solution for an increasingly congested and insecure wireless environment.

Cyber and electronic security are at cross roads of physical and software protection, where hacking and spoofing technologies are at a point where no one’s wireless information is safe. The only sure way to protect wireless information is to physically deny access to it. There is a growing worldwide demand for electromagnetically secured facilities impervious to high frequency RF emanations and other electromagnetic threats.

Faraday Structures offers innovative, electromagnetically protected, physically secured wireless communication environments. Its “Faraday Shielded” rooms use newly developed, electromagnetically enhanced products that incorporate proprietary technologies that allow customers to physically deny outsiders from accessing wireless communications in their facilities. The Faraday Structures approach is pioneered to create a new paradigm, for both cost and performance, in protecting today’s agencies and enterprise companies against an ever increasing and evolving threat landscape.

They provide wireless security solutions to prevent unauthorized transmission of communications. Faraday Structures provide innovative end-to-end solutions to detect, alert, restrict, and forbid unapproved signals and communications from being released outside of or intruding into facilities and personnel. Their solutions are designed to secure companies from the emerging and evolving threat landscape of telecommunications and information security.

The principals of Faraday Structures have already completed multiple installations of shielded facilities. Immediate capabilities and services include consultation, inspection and assessment, installation, testing, Faraday certification, and new product development. To learn more about Faraday Structures, click here.