Keysight to Showcase 5G, IoT, Connected Car Design and Test Solutions at MWC 2017

Keysight MWC 2017

Keysight Technologies, has announced that it will showcase its latest software-centric design and test solutions for LTE-A, 5G, IoT and Connected Car technologies at Mobile World Congress 2017.

At MWC 2017, Keysight will exhibit the following:

  • Keysight’s unique NB-IoT testing solution that helps designers accelerate the deployment of cellular long-range IoT technology by offering the world's first wireless test set solution that connects with a standard compliant NB-IoT device. Keysight’s solutions will enable users to optimize IoT designs for critical performance attributes, such as power consumption, RF performance, interoperability, and the worldwide premier NB-IoT GCF conformance test cases.
  • Keysight’s 5G front-haul monitoring solution that brings next-level capabilities to mobile operators revealing significant insights in terms of quality of service by enabling the user to measure, improve and troubleshoot front-haul operations. The solution uniquely offers a real-time dashboard of the 5G front-haul control plane through continuous monitoring, combining RF signals and wireless protocols.
  • Keysight will also reveal its 5G Wideband Real-Time Beam Forming Reference Solution that empowers researchers to quickly and accurately test analog, digital and hybrid beam-forming systems. This includes transmitting and receiving massive MIMO with beam forming technology and algorithms for devices and radio access network.
  • Keysight Anite Virtual Drive Testing (VDT) Toolset, which is a unique lab-based solution that helps the automotive industry cost-effectively verify wireless connectivity in the Connected Car. The Keysight VDT Toolset is an automated, realistic and accurate field-to-lab test solution for testing mobile devices and network equipment. The toolset replicates drive test conditions by using field data to create test cases that are replayed in a repeatable and controllable laboratory environment.
  • Keysight’s Nemo Autonomous unattended testing solution, Nemo Cloud with Nemo Autonomous Probe is a cloud-based, real-time monitoring solution that enables operators to fully automate network measurement projects.
  • Keysight’s Nemo Xynergy Geospatial Intelligence solution that helps control cost effectiveness and efficiency by using OSS generated call trace data for driverless optimization of the network, and by using proprietary geo-location algorithms. This approach reveals unmatched depth and quality of the analytics by enabling correlation of multiple data sources to enhance the problem identification, timing and troubleshooting routines.
  • Keysight's new 802.11ax solution is helping the WLAN industry advance towards 802.11ax—from R&D to manufacturing. This solution is compact, rugged and fast and supports up to 8x8 MIMO. Keysight’s client software drives greater test efficiency, enabling R&D engineers the ability to quickly validate their new devices and drive greater manufacturing efficiency, resulting in superior EVM performance.

Keysight experts will deliver keynote presentations at the Keysight stand on topics including 5G, NB-IoT, Connected Car, Virtual Drive Testing and cloud-based real-time monitoring of LTE-A networks.