WiTricity & Nissan Collaborate On Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles

With sales of electric vehicles growing rapidly, carmakers are now very focused on streamlining the EV charging experience. WiTricity has announced its collaboartion with Nissan to drive adoption of wireless EV charging systems. The WiTricity DRIVE wireless charging system allows for a charging pad on or under the ground that uses WiTricity’s patented magnetic resonance technology to send energy to the vehicle parked above it, requiring no cables or moving parts. The DRIVE system has leading efficiency and charge rates, and is capable of charging all types of vehicles ranging from low ground clearance sports cars to high ground clearance SUVs.

Nissan, together with other carmakers, has recognized that interoperability is critical for simplifying the EV charging experience and adoption of EVs more broadly. This means ensuring car owners they can charge their vehicles at any station regardless of vehicle size and type. WiTricity and Nissan are collaborating to ensure that wireless charging systems will provide the high degree of interoperability, ease of use, and high efficiency that consumers expect.

According to Alex Gruzen, CEO, WiTricity - WiTricity is partnering with Nissan to catalyze wireless charging in the EV market and move the industry forward to an interoperable future. In order for to realize a future of transportation that is electrified, shared and autonomous, they need a wireless charging solution that works for all vehicles. WiTricity is excited to continue working with Nissan as the world march toward a global wireless charging ecosystem. To learn more about DRIVE wireless charging system, click here.